Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reatards - Teenage Hate

Teenage Hate LP/CD (Goner Records, 1998, 10Gone)

Side 1
  1. I'm So Gone
  2. Stacye
  3. I Love Living
  4. When I Get Mad
  5. C'mon Over
  6. Out Of My Head Into My Bed
  7. You Fucked Up My Dreams
  8. It Ain't Me
  9. Down In Flames
Side 2
  1. Gotta Rock'n'Roll
  2. Memphis Blues
  3. Quite All Right
  4. Fashion Victim
  5. Old News Baby
  6. Not Good Enough For You
  7. Ollie Vee
  8. Not Your Man
  9. I Can Live Without You
Jay Reatard - Guitar Screaming and Pounding
Elvis Wong Reatard - The Skins Hollering and Pickin
Steve Albundy Reatard - Guitar Occasional Yells

Photos - Jim Cole
Recorded at Tape Hiss Is Good Studios, Memphis TN

The 1st Reatards LP "Teenage Hate" came out in 1998. The original pressing still has the Goner PO Box address as there was no Goner Record Store on Young Ave in Midtown Memphis yet. So many smash hits on this record - "I'm So Gone," "STACYE," "When I Get Mad," Hell every song on here is steller - There's a Fear cover and a Dead Boys cover thrown in as well.

Nacho Man!

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