Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reatards - Get Out of Our Way (Re-Press)

Get Out of Our Way Re-Press 7" (Contaminated Records, 2001,
re-issue of the 7" on Blahll! Records!! (blahl-4)
100 copies only
  1. Teenage Hate
  2. Bummer Bitch (Freestone)
  3. Puke On You
  4. Get Out Of Our Way

I missed out on the 1st press of this but managed to score this repress from Alicja. Hell, the repress may be rarer than the original. Cool blood-spattered cover. This record kicks ass. Also note that this is one of those crazy instances where the "title track" to the Teenage Hate album does not actually appear on the album. It appears on this single. Yep, you won't find the song "Teenage Hate" on the "Teenage Hate" lp, but it is on this single.

Steve Ziarnik (who runs Certified PR Records) wrote this on my Facebook Page:

The Bummer Bitch 7" is technically not a repress.
The story as I was told by Alicja goes something like this...
Alicja aquired about 100 stock copies of the record from Blahhh a few years after they released it. Apparently it wasn't all that easy to sell 500 copies of a record before the internet craze. All copies were from the original press of 500... They were given a new picture sleeve and the label on the vinyl was altered (with a black marker - most copies have a "black heart" drawn over the Blahhh logo) to appear as a Contaminated release.
Right before Jay's untimely passing, Blahh was selling off original version copies with the "super rare" alternative sleeve for around $20-$25 on eBay... I can only imagine what they are worth today... Like so many others, I bet he wishes he would have held out just a little longer....

And here is the insert:

and here's the back of the sleeve

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