Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reatards - Get Real Stupid

Get Real Stupid 7" (Goner Records, 1997, 8Gone)
  1. You Ain't No Fun No Mo'
  2. Chuck Taylor's All-Stars Blues
  3. Fashion Victim
  4. You Got So Much Soul
Here's the back sleeve

This is the record that started it all (unless you wanna say the "Fuck Elvis Here's The Reatards" cassette started it all). Not sure which came first and I don't actually have the tape only a super-limited mp3 of it. Anyways, when this record came out goner didn't have a real url yet, it was something like Goner was already batting 1000 when this came out but this release kicked shit into superdrive. I don't know if that's correct, Goner rages hard and this record is a prime example of why. I think "Fashion Victim" is my favorite song on here.


  1. Anyone have this record for sale? I wanna buy it. Anyone have any idea how much it is worth?

    1. I have it for sale ex/ex condition. I paid $50 for it about 6 years ago. I am willing to trade for it. Make me an offer either way.