Monday, January 25, 2010

Reatards - Bedroom Disasters

Bedroom Disasters LP/CD (Empty Records US, 2004, MTR-405)
first 100 copies on red vinyl, rest is on black vinyl

  1. You Aint No Fun No Mo
  2. Chuck Taylors All-Stars Blues
  3. Fashion Victim
  4. Teenage Hate
  5. Bummer Bitch
  6. Puke On You
  7. I Gotta Rock N Roll
  8. Looking For Danger
  9. I Do What I Want
  10. No Soul No More
  11. There Aint No Turning Back
  12. Tell A Lie On Me
  13. I'll Be Smart
  14. Come On Over
  15. Loretta
  16. I Stay Alone
  17. Lick On My Leather
  18. Down On The Ground
  19. Dildo Darlin
  20. No Fun No Mo
  21. Stupid Asshole
  22. No Brains
  23. I Need Nothing From You

back sleeve

And here is the insert

1st 100 copies on Red

Here is Rich's review of Bedroom Disasters in the Oct/Nov 2004 Review Section of Terminal Boredom
Reatards "Bedroom Disasters" CD/LP
I believe just about everyone has had a chance to wrap the heads around this one by now, either through the CD-R version or this official release. Twenty-two tracks of primo Reatards, back from the days when it was just the teenage Jay and Ryan fucking shit up in the bedroom on a tape deck. The OOP singles are all here, and alternate version of some classics, plus a bunch of unreleased gems and a slew of fun covers. Absolutely essential, and further evidence that the Reatards may be one of the seminal acts of the late Nineties, and were definitely a hell of a lot more than mere Oblivians apers. Raw overdriven teen hate at it's pinnacle. There's also a rumor of another record's worth of rarities soon to surface on another label. Stay tuned. Scum stats: 100 copies of the vinyl are on red wax, available through mailorder only. (RK)

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