Monday, January 25, 2010

Reatards - Plastic Surgery 7"

Plastic Surgery 7" (Shattered Records, 2005, SR-003)
1st press: 100 red vinyl, 400 black vinyl
2nd press: clear vinyl

Side A
  1. Plastic Surgery
  2. Just Too Much
Side B
  1. Human Race
  2. Left For Dead (The Persuaders)
back sleeve with great photo by Canderson

1st 100 on Red

high risk insurance

Here is Rich's Review of Plastic Surgery from May/June 2005 in Terminal Boredom
Reatards "Plastic Surgery" EP
For everyone waiting on Jay to get back into full-on hate-punk mode, I think we are seeing the tip of the iceberg here. Jay plays everything on these recordings, a studio one man band version of The Reatards, and on the A-Side it sounds like he's getting warmed up. The venom and spite are there as are the scum punk chops, but it's just not quite over the top enough yet. On the B-Side everything clicks. "Human Race" has him raving about "never falling in love again" because "the human race makes me sick". Now, there, that's the sort of bile-spewing we expect, and I'm sure he's got quite a bit more built up. The music accompanying the lyrics is fittingly raw and bleeding. It's that sort of soul-baring rage that made the original Reatards so formidable, and although the hate isn't exactly teenage anymore, Jay still knows how to channel it into some great rock'n'roll. Jay Jay ends the EP with a cover of the Persuaders "Left for Dead" that finds him doing a fine King Louie impersonation. I love Persuders covers. This one's better than the "Monster Child" EP, and hopefully more representative of the all new Reatards LP supposedly in the works. Scum stats: 500 pressed, with 100 of them on red vinyl.(RK)

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