Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lost Sounds - Black Wave

Black-Wave 2xLP/CD ªEmpty Records US, 2001, MTR-392)

Side A
  1. Reasons To Kill
  2. I'm Not A Machine
  3. Plastic Skin
  4. Don't Turn Around
Side B
  1. Do You Wanna Kill Me
  2. 1620 Echles St.
  3. Throw Away
  4. Citats Blanc
  5. Ocelot Rising
Side C
  1. I See Everything
  2. Dark Shadows
  3. Lost And Found
  4. Saturn Stomp
  5. I'm Not Me
Side D
  1. Die Pax
  2. What'd I Say
  3. Soon This Tomb
  4. Heart Felt Toys
  5. Walk In Line

Back Sleeve

lyric sheet insert

not sure about the collector scum stats on color vinyl but this is what mine looks like

A Side B to Rival "My War" (technically "My War" is Side 2 not B). Anyways, this whole album is killer. "Do You Wanna Kill Me?" is a cover from the awesome Destruction Unit 7". "1620 Echles. St." is one of my all-time favorite songs.

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