Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lost Sounds - Outtakes & Demos Vol. 1

Outtakes & Demos Vol. 1 CD-R (Contaminated Records, 2001, no cat.no.)
CD-R: limited edition: 100 copies, with 25 special edition hand-painted cover copies

This is number 17/25. Hand painted by Alicja. Ah, the things you can score by spending way too much time on the Goner Board.

After the Contaminated CD-R release this was officially released on vinyl by Hate Records in Italy. Each of the 25 original hand-painted cd-r covers are featured on the cover of the lp

Outtakes & Demos Vol. 1 LP (Hate Records, 2002, hate 24)

Side A
  1. I Don't Count
  2. Do You Wanna Kill Me
  3. Memphis '99
  4. 1620 Echles St.
  5. Blackcoats Whitefear
  6. Sonic Mathematics
  7. Electropsychotic
Side B
  1. Let's Lie
  2. Sequential Circuits Sequence
  3. Punish Or Be Damned
  4. Going Home Alone Tonight
  5. Total destruction
  6. Soul-4 Sale
This is actually the Lost Sounds record I still most listen to on a regular basis. That's probably because its the only one on my ipod. I gotta get mp3s of the real albums. Anyways, this has a great version of 1620 Echles St. There's a killer live version of Alicja belting out "Satan Bought Me." Just so many hits for an outtakes record. The cd-r has an insane on stage freak out by Jay. The cd-r also has a great demo song "Losing and Dreaming" which I really wish would have been re-recorded for wider release. This song is the first taste of Jay's straight-up pop song writing skills.

"That's rock'n'roll, you fucking pedestrians." - Lost Sounds Fan