Monday, January 25, 2010

Reatards - SSLD 7"

no-title- 7" (Solid Sex Lovie Doll Records, 2002, SSLD 003)
3 different covers with the 3 heads of the members
this doesn't have titles (fans should give the titles they want ...), it has 4 tracks

  1. track 1
  2. You Stupid Asshole (Angry Samoans)
  3. track A
  4. track B
As always the above info is lifted from Grunnen Rocks

This is the highly sought after Solid Sex Lovie Doll single (SSLD 003). This came out in 2002.
It had 3 covers (one cover for each member) This is Jay Reatard Cover. I used to have the Steve Albundy cover as well but I lost my original copy of "Your So Lewd" when I was DJing a Penetration Party with Bazooka Joe and Xtinne (good times). Anyways, I had to trade my spare to someone in order to get another copy of Lewd (which was already fetching around $50 on ebay at that point).

Here's the insert.

And Here's the Back Sleeve.

Mr. Z at SSLD really outdid himself with this package. And it turns out it is Fred's bithday today. So Happy Birthday Mr. Z.


  1. The Empty Records site states that this EP is on the 'Bedroom Disasters' LP. I know that 'You Stupid Asshole' is - does anyone know if the other three tracks are? If so, what are they called on that? Thanks, MickWoo

    1. For anyone interested in the answer to the question I posed above, I have now finally heard a copy of this 7" and indeed versions of all the tracks are available elsewhere. They are: You Build Me Up Just To Bust Me Back Down, Stupid Asshole, You Ain't No Fun No Mo, Give It To Me (aka Tell A Lie On Me)