Monday, January 25, 2010

Reatards - Not Fucked Enough

Not Fucked Enough LP (Empty Records, US, 2005, MTR-409)
first 100 copies on pink vinyl, rest is on black vinyl
this is the correct listing, the listing on the sleeve is not

  1. Break Down
  2. Drink Today
  3. I Won't Make It
  4. You Can't Run
  5. Make It Fit
  6. Pretty Baby
  7. I like Your Titty
  8. Sick When I See
  9. Keep On Walkin' Away
  10. I Don't Want You
  11. Won't Take You Back
  12. Twice As Hard
  13. Oh My Soul
  14. Sour & Vicious Man
  15. Saturday Night Suicide (live)

back of sleeve

and yes it comes with a 2 sided black and white insert

first 100 copies on pink

I love Icky's photos on front and back cover. Those pics are from when the Reatards played the Boomerang in SF. Who the fuck played the Boomerang? Cursed spot on Upper Haight that used to be "Rockin' Robins." Cool demo version of Your So Lewd - Here called "I Like Your Titty" which is a total different beast than what it became. Another highlight is the cover of the Compulsive Gamblers' classic "Sour & Vicious Man."

Jay put out a limited version of Not Fucked Enough on his own label Shattered Records before it came out as an lp on Empty. It's a numbered edition of 100 - this looks like its either 83 or 33

Here's the track list for the Shattered Version of Not Fucked Enough

1. Saturday Night Suicide
2. Sour And Vicious Man
3. Oh My Soul
4. Twice As Hard
5. Won't Take You Back
6. Break Down
7. Drink Today
8. I Won't Make It
9. You Can't Run
10, Make It Fit
11. Pretty BabyI
12. Like Your Titty
13. Sick When I See
14. Keep On Walkin' Away

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  1. Id really like to find lyrics for this record. Im having a hard time. Any suggestions?