Monday, January 25, 2010

Reatards - Grown Up Fucked Up

Grown Up Fucked Up LP/CD (>Empty Records US, 1999, MTR-381)

Side 1
  1. Blew My Mind
  2. Alls I Got Is Rock n' Roll
  3. Sick When I See
  4. Lick On My Leather
  5. You'll See Me
  6. Sat. Night Suicide
  7. Heart Of Chrome (The Persuaders)
  8. No One Stands Me
Side 2
  1. Tonight It Will Come
  2. Get Outta Of Our Way
  3. Who Are You
  4. All The Walls Are Closing In
  5. Miss You
  6. Eat Your Heart Out
  7. I Want Sex (Los Reactors)
  8. I'm Gonna Breakdown

here's the back cover

purple vinyl. This is not the original press.

I never got the original press because I scored this from Jay:

This is a test pressing of Grown Up Fucked Up. Alicja painted the cover over a Fleetwood Mac record. They threw in some fliers and a compromising pic of Stacye. It took Jay well over a year to finally send this to me. He posted he needed cash on the goner board and this was before Jay discovered ebay and really before ebay discovered Jay. Anyways I sent him like $20 or $20 bucks and never heard back. Finally, Alicja asked me about it and got Jay to send it out. Man was I stoked because I thought I was s.o.l.

OK, I totally forgot I had this. Jay also sent the original gold master cd for the lp along with the test press. This master was rejected by the pressing plant because the levels were too high (go figure)


  1. Ah, I worked at eMpTy for almost 9 years and I don't have one of these. Nice to see someone that loves the record owning the test pressing. I think all, but one was sent to the band.
    I don't remember that with the CD - master, so that might just be a jay story...