Friday, January 29, 2010

Bad Times - lp

Bad Times LP (Goner Records, Therapeutic Records, 2001, 11Gone/TIC-005)
1st edition: 600 made, 2001
2nd edition (identical): 400 made, 2002

Side One
  1. Streets Of Iron
  2. Over You
  3. Momma Told Me So
  4. The Jim Miller Bounce
  5. Glitter Boys
  6. You're So Lewd
  7. Wrong Way To Love
Side Two
  1. Sometimes She Wants It
  2. Listen To The Band
  3. Trapped In The City
  4. Bad Time
  5. Crazy Dream
  6. Before We're Dead And Gone
  7. Vaccination
back of sleeve


Bad Times - the ultimate one-off band

Jay Reatard - Vocals guitar drums
King Louie Bankstron Vocals guitar drums
Eric Oblivian Vocals guitar


  1. this record is the only thing i wanna hear when i'm pissed off.

    thanks for putting the insert up.

  2. thoughhhhhhhh i can't read the little type on the bottom left. is that the lyrics?

  3. always damn good!